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Mexico (Organic)

Those who enjoy a full-flavored, chocolatey coffee will adore this medium roast. It has a distinctive cinnamon and apple component that adds a unique taste. It is sweet and mild, with an acidic kick that balances the sweetness out. This Mexican coffee features earthy and sugary flavors and is an excellent pairing with pie crusts and fillings. If you want a coffee that is both hearty and full of flavor, consider Mexico.
  • Mexico blend is our medium roast coffee that's perfect for those who are looking for mild coffee without any bitterness. The flavors in this coffee are balanced by a dash of acidity and its chocolate and cinnamon flavors. 
  • This coffee has notes of hazelnut on the finish, giving it a rich and decadent taste, its hazelnut finish will leave you wanting more. It also has some sweetness to it, making it perfect for those who want a little something sweet after their meal. 
  • This coffee has notes of cinnamon, green apple, and chocolate, making it the perfect way to start your day. The Mexico blend is made up of 100% Arabica beans from three different regions in the country, which makes this one of the highest-quality beans out there.  


Certification/Grading: EP & Organic 
Roast: Medium
Tasting Profile: Chocolate, cinnamon, green apple.
Grower: Coffee growers from Chiapas and Oaxaca
Variety: Typica, Criollo, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Caturra
Region: Chipias and Oaxaca, Mexico
Altitude: 900-1000 M
Soil Type: Clay Minerals
Process: Fully washed and sun-dried.

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The taste of Mexico brought caramel flavors with chocolate undertones. A cozy way to start the crisp mornings