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Our Mission

Spread The Gospel

As Christians our great commission is to proclaim the gospel to all creation. (Mark 16:15)

We thought to ourselves "How can we incorporate this into our business?" and figured the best way for us to support this command from our Lord and Savior as a business was to donate a portion of our sales to help spread the Word. Every person on this beautiful planet deserves to hear about the loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ. With this in mind, 10% of every sale is donated to Christian Aid Mission.

Christian Aid Mission

Christian Aid Mission seeks to establish a witness for Christ in every nation by assisting indigenous ministries in lands of poverty, where Christians are a persecuted minority, and where foreign missionaries are not allowed.

They evaluate every indigenous ministry they assist to verify their faith, financial integrity, and fruitfulness. Then they help them sustain and grow their work by making their needs known to believers in developing nations who supply them with prayer and financial support.

The ministries they assist are fully independent and not affiliates of Christian Aid Mission. They are led by evangelical Christians who live and work inside of their own countries.

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